This page refers to Duke the Dhole from Lippies V.3. It is not to be confused with Duke from Lippies. (Yes there is a difference).
Cquote1 You can hide all you want, you stupid . . . spiky mole thing! Cquote2
After Duke had chased Knuckles under a building. [Author]

Duke the Dhole is an anthropomorphic orange dhole from Lippies V.3, and one of Julie-Su's three henchmen, being the leader of the group also occasionally referred to as "Team Canine". Duke replaces Owen from the previous two versions, though unlike Owen, Duke begins to realize the wrong in what he is doing much earlier on. Duke is the only member of the group to stay with Julie-Su until the end, but shows obvious signs of resistance.

Duke is considered a significant character of V.3 due to the fact that it is technically his debut appearance, and that he played a significant role towards the end of the ninth book.


Duke is an orange dhole with a white snout and underbelly, and a black-tipped tail. He has magenta eyes, longer fur, and roundish ears. Duke normally wears a brown jacket, as well as white gloves and red boots. In some later artwork, Duke is also drawn wearing a belt. Duke is only ever seen once during the story without his jacket, which was after he was woken up by Knuckles' crying.