This page refers to Knuckles the Echidna from Lippies V.3. For the official page, see Knuckles the Echidna on the Sonic News Network.

Knuckles the Echidna is the protagonist of Lippies V.3, and most of its precursor stories, as well as all other versions of Lippies related to the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. (He was replaced by characters Kniro/Nyro and Thatcher in later versions). Knuckles from V.3 has a similar resemblance to his official appearance, though with some noticeable differences; in the original copy of V.3, he is drawn with a much longer snout, and his mouth is never drawn completely on the side of his face. His character is meant to be based more on earlier versions of the official character; he is, in his normal state, laid back and clever, but due to the events that occurred to him prior to the main story, Knuckles comes across as exceptionally miserable. Knuckles is definitely not portrayed as intellectually lacking, though it is mentioned that he may not know a lot about the outside world due to his upbringing.

Knuckles was the former guardian of the Master Emerald, and used to reside on a floating island named Angel Island. However, he was taken away from his home after he last saw Dr. Eggman and when he and Tails returned to Angel Island, they found that the Master Emerald was gone, and never had any luck of finding it or the chaos emeralds again. Since Sonic had gone insane and eventually disappeared, Knuckles and Tails became closer friends, and Knuckles acts rather protective of Tails, possibly due to the fact that he is left without his regular job of guarding the Master Emerald.

There is one particular subplot in the original version of V.3 where Knuckles is revealed to be half-demon, due to the fact that his mother, Lara-Le, is a demon. However, since this subplot is viewed as rather absurd, it is no longer considered "canon" to the V.3 story by the author (not that it really matters). The only story linked to V.3 which shares this demon-free trait is Knuckles and Tails Go to Echidnaopolis; it was originally written where Lara-Le was still a demon, but its final version takes this fact out of consideration.


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