This wiki is all about the most impeccable Sonic fanfic series Lippies. But not just Lippies . . . Lippies V.3! Because everyone loves that one, right?! Up there with the Lara-Su Chronicles.

Tails remembers everything from lippies by thewildhyper-d9v11nc

yeah okay



Lippies V.3 is a shitty fanfic that was a remake of a remake that I wrote in 2013. It's bad, and no one even knows about it, so why is this wiki even here? Obviously I was bored when I made this. Yet I'm still adding stuff to it because I can't help myself! WH

DON'T TAKE ANYTHING ON THIS WIKI FOR GRANTED. A lot of the stuff is about something I wrote a LONG time ago, so it shouldn't be taken that seriously. I am actually writing another story (yes, it's still called Lippies because I just keep rewriting the same thing) that is based on V.3, but isn't Sonic-related and has a lot of the really weird and bad stuff from V.3 taken out. (It's still kind of a dark and more mature story, but it's not like . . . freaking Sonic. And I don't mean mature in the bad way, either).