This page refers to Lippies V.3, a Sonic the Hedgehog fan comic written in 2013. It should not be confused with WIP comic series of the same title, Lippies.

Lippies V.3, also known as simply Version 3 or V.3 to prevent confusion, is a 2013 Sonic the Hedgehog fanfiction written in the form of a comic series. It is considered one of the many early versions of the current WIP story of the same title, Lippies, however, Version 3 is the most significant of all earlier versions, and has had the most influence on versions following it. It is also the main basis for the current version, though, V.3 is significantly more stupid.

One thing to note on V.3 - the "demon subplot" is no longer considered canon to V.3's timeline, despite the fact that the story is defunct anyway. However, any information pertaining to V.3 does not take the demon subplot into consideration. It is just, honestly, too absurd to believe that Knuckles is half-demon as well as a demon hunter. Who even comes up with that?

It is also considered "canon" that V.3 follows a bad timeline of this particular universe of Sonic, but due to a time ripple causing certain characters to disappear, the bad timeline was erased. Though, the bad timeline was not entirely erased. It was, in a way, transferred to a new universe, unrelated to Sonic, and with some alterations, makes up the current story of Lippies.