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This page refers to Paws the Wolf from Lippies V.3. It is not to be confused with Capone from Lippies, who is also occasionally known as Paws.

Cquote1 Oh, I thought I would take a little stroll out in the forest. Then somehow I stepped backwards onto a log. Beautiful day out, isn't it, Julie? Cquote2
Paws, when he accidentally runs into Julie-Su in the forest while attempting to avoid her. [Author]

Paws the Wolf is an anthropomorphic wolf, and one of Julie-Su's three henchman in Lippies V.3. He is considered one of the "original" Lippies characters as he debuted in the very first version of the story (known as Lippies V.1). In earlier artwork he is depicted as a silver and white wolf, but later artwork depicts him with light blue highlights in his fur as well. Unlike the other characters, Paws does not wear shoes or gloves, showing his paw-like hands and feet, hence his name. Being a power-driven character, Paws has super-strength, but not to the same extent as Knuckles the Echidna.

Paws is the second character to betray Julie-Su, though despite the fact that he worked for her, he never liked her to begin with. Paws states numerous times how he hates both Knuckles and Julie-Su, or how he dislikes echidnas in general because of them. Paws' initial hatred for Julie-Su is likely caused by the fact that she is ultimately the reason for his parents' death, since she planned to have Sonic become possessed.


Paws is a silver and white wolf with green eyes. He has longer fur and paw-like hands and feet. He has a larger, more pronounced snout, with small visible fangs on the end. In later depictions of Paws, he also has light blue highlights in his fur, and wears grey and aqua green wristbands.