Cquote1 This river . . . It's the same river that leads to a place . . . Cquote2
Knuckles the Echidna in the fifth book of Lippies V.3 [Author]

"The river" (later named the Technyy river for the current Lippies trilogy) is a returning area throughout Lippies and even other side fanfictions (including the two Julie-Su backstories and Last Adventure). The river first made its appearance in the first Julie-Su story, The True Story of Julie-Su. The river was known to lead to the elevator which would take someone to Echidnaopolis. The river did not again reappear until Lippies V.3, when Sonic had supposedly "drowned", however, similar areas appeared before then. In Lippies V.1, Sonic was thrown into some sort of pond, while in Lippies V.2, he was thrown into a lake.

Julie-Su backstories

The river serves essentially the same role in both versions of the Julie-Su backstory. The only real difference is that in the original version, Julie-Su leads them down to the elevator, while in the second version, Knuckles and Tails wonder down the river until Tails spots an opening which takes them to the elevator.

Lippies V.3

In book 5, Knuckles and Sonic end up near the river, where their final "battle" is ended. When Knuckles sees the river when he's alongside Sonic, he has a flashback to being younger, saving a blue hedgehog (which, was Sonic) from the river. After saving him, his snort demon™ mom Lara-Le spawns out of nowhere and starts beating him because oh. When Knuckles finally snaps out of his flashback, he proceeds to toss Sonic into the river. Unlike Lippies V.2, Knuckles actually feels bad about throwing Sonic into the water, which is more in character for him. After Knuckles has thrown Sonic into the river, he remarks that it "leads to a place", referring to Echidnaopolis.

Later on, the river returns in book 10. After Knuckles accidentally knocks over all the giant containers of radioactive waste in Dr. Lee Thompson's abandoned nuclear plant, he is carried by the liquid which ends up flowing into the river. Down the river, Paws is searching for fish to catch and eat, when he notices Knuckles holding onto a rock. But when Paws realizes how much Knuckles was mutated, he warns Tails that the river is radioactive and they both run off before Knuckles can get himself out of the river (which he ends up falling for the millionth time anyway before he can even get out).

Later versions of Lippies

The river continues to reappear since V.3. However, in Lippies V.5, it only appears one time, when Strider sends Mwah to toss Tito into it. Kniro attempts to rescue Tito from the river, however, Paws jumps in the way, grabs Tito, and pushes Kniro over the edge of the waterfall. In Lippies V.6, the river only makes a brief appearance. Near the end of Nyro's fight with Strider, a pickup truck drives out of nowhere, pushing the two off the edge of a small cliff. Both Strider and the truck land in the river, resulting in Strider's death.

Lippies trilogy

The river returns as a more important part for the trilogy, and appears in all three series. Though, instead of just being called "the river", it is now given the name "Technyy river" (pronounced teh-ch-nee). While it's currently unknown exactly when it will first appear in C.I.O, the first series in the trilogy, since there is no "Sonic" type character in it. However, it will have an appearance similar to book 10 of Lippies V.3, when it becomes radioactive (or possibly will idk). In Lippies 2016, it will appear during the fight between Strider and Nyro, and in Theta's story, it is where Theta finds Sunny for the second time.

The name "Technyy" comes from "Techa", a Russian river which is known to be radioactive, and "vechnyy", the Russian word for "eternal".

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